top of page is the largest online retailer of kitchen cabinets. The company believes that kitchen cabinets should be accessible to everyone, in a variety of styles and at affordable prices. They needed a visual refresh, greater flexibility for their content, and a simplified shopping experience for all users.


A New Shopping Experience

Making sure that we research and make logical decisions will be a key factor in giving us the edge in the cabinet industry. Testing our research and pulling in data will be our objective moving forward. Having one time buyers is a unique industry and making sure that we can get the conversions on those users coming to the site is important. We will always be researching ways to improve our users experience.

Research & Inspiration

Researching your competitors is a big element in UX design. To better understand your user you need to be able to relate to how they shop and looking at how your competitors are presenting themselves is key. I wanted to make sure that I can give something familiar to our users yet at the same time improve upon their experience. I dove deep into researching our competitors and and came up with these findings below.

Competitor Research

Strengths in competitors include:

•   Free kitchen designs

•   Good costumer service

•   Free Shipping

Weaknesses in competitors include:

•   Companies have a limited product offering

•   Branding is very weak

•   Few companies offer resource articles to their users.

•   Pricing is higher than ours

Since we are an ecommerce company with the majority of our users being first time users we need to be able to communicate our message fast and clear. We have a very complex & expensive product that most people are not familiar with. So our goal is to make sure that we have a site that is very clean and simplified yet has enough information to get the user through this buying process with a breeze. To do this we needed to understand how users were using our site and how we could enhance their experience. I wanted to test 2 different concepts on our shopping experience to make sure we can master this process. 


Having finished much of the layout and content, it was time to proceed with the visual design.

Visual Design

My first concept tests the user on an idea of if given one task at a time is your process simplified and enjoyable. Does this concept make the experience better for the user or does it force them through a process they are not comfortable with. Below is a diagram of this concept:

Concept 1

My second concept is an idea of is the user looking for a little bit of brief information at the beginning to get an idea of their options and everything thats offered. The concept is a little more common to what the user will see on most commerce sites. Below is a diagram of this concept:

Concept 2

All of the users like the 2nd concept better, as they wanted to be able to see how many options they had up front and be able to see how different options compared to each other. This was reassuring for us, since this concept was our primary focus, and what distinguishes us from existing cabinet companies. 

User Feedback & Design Implications

UI/UX Design   |   |   Mar - July 2019

Simplified Experience 

Making sure our users can locate products and shop with a breeze was a main concern. Giving the users plenty of options while keeping it simple was our objective. 

Getting users to what they want faster.

Education at a Glance

Kitchen renovation is a big purchase and we want to make sure you feel comfortable before you hit that checkout button! No more Googling, everything you need to know is on

All the information needed to make an order decision, at one place.

Help Visualize

From real customer photos to our create-a-kitchen tool we want to make sure your going to fall love with your new kitchen.

Giving you all the resources to help visualize your dream kitchen.


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